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TrainNation was created after the Founder Steve van de Worp, who is the Director of a training business himself, found clients would come to him after an unsatisfactory experience – not necessarily because the trainers were incompetent, but because they just weren’t the right fit – asking for recommended trainers. It occurred to him that a feedback-based site would be an ideal way to solve this problem.

From a buyer’s point of view, TrainNation provides a one-stop-shop to quickly and easily find trainers they can trust and rely on, whilst for trainers it simplifies the process of finding work and allows them to build up their business by accessing a steady supply of projects.

Anybody looking for training expertise simply posts a job outlining their requirements and suitably qualified trainers then submit bids for the project. The client has access to trainer profiles and can also see feedback that has been left by previous customers. This enables them to make an informed choice on the trainer that is right for their organisation and the job in question, as well as removing all the time and expense associated with identifying suitable trainers.

The site is completely free for buyers to use, whilst trainers pay a small monthly membership fee and a charge – usually around £5 – on being shortlisted for a job.

This is a service that improves the training market by creating an open and accountable marketplace which is a real benefit to both those looking for training and those supplying it. Healthy competition always drives quality and the site provides better training at a better price.

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